Day 1: We got there after our 12 hour bus ride and it was pouring down the rain. After going to get some breakfast, we decided that it was probably a museum day. We went to the Hyde Park Barracks museum, which had information about Sydney’s convict settlement history and also some information about female factory workers that lived there afterwards. From there, we walked through the Botanical Gardens to Circular Quay to look at the Opera House and the bridge. After that we went back to our hostel for a much needed nap. That evening we went out in the Rocks, one of the more historical districts of the city. 

Day 2: Still raining cats and dogs. We slept in a little bit because we were still quite tired from our very little sleep on our trip to Sydney. We walked to Paddy’s market, a huge market underneath a shopping center, chalk full of stand after stand of random junk. Onesies for sleeping in that look like giraffes, sequin American flag dresses, wigs, cheap watches. I found a nice stand though that was selling handcrafted silver jewelry. I bought Juliette a present there and myself a small silver ring. Per and Erika and I attempted to take a tour of the Opera House, but it was sold out when we got there. So instead we just walked through the city for a while. We had dinner in Darling Harbor and it was absolutely beautiful at night. 

Day 3: The weather was slightly better, so we used the opportunity to explore more of Sydney’s downtown [read: go shopping]. We had dinner in Darling Harbor again, but at a different restaurant. Then we went to O Bar, which is in a cylindrical building on the 47th floor. The inside of the bar rotates so that over the span of about an hour you get a 360 view of the city at night.

Day 4: It was an absolutely beautiful day. High sixties, sunny. We went to Bondi Beach and walked from there to Coogee beach. It was absolutely beautiful. That night Erika and I headed back to Melbourne, and Petra stayed in Sydney for her flight home the next day. 

Eden Espresso

Today I spent the day studying for my French exam tomorrow at my favorite cafe with Petra. I just…I can’t even explain how much I love this cafe so I took some pictures to share. Check them out!

Melbourne Bar Hopping

In search of a fairly chill evening, Thomas and I went into the city to hang out at some bars with Petra and Erika on Saturday (June 15th). Here’s where we went!

The Carlton Club - really cool atmosphere and decor, despite the various accents of taxidermy including a full giraffe head and neck. Sad :( 

The Croft Institute - Tucked away down a sketchy looking alley, this bar is inspired by an old science laboratory/hospital. There’s a hospital bed in the bathrooms, which are called the Male and Female Departments of Hygiene. Cocktails are served with a plastic syringe. 

Hairy Canary - Not much to say about this one except that it has a cute name and we got hot chocolate.

Misty - Located in Melbourne’s most famous graffiti location, Hosier Lane. It was cool walking down Hosier lane and seeing how much of the art has changed since I went on the walking tour when I first got to Melbourne. 

Overview of my week…

There’s been quite a bit of finals studying and working!

Sunday: was the first one up at a sleepover. I stayed at my friend Will’s with Duncan and some of our other friends after the pub crawl, and I woke up at 9. After everyone got up I made some breakfast for the gang! Then spent the rest of Sunday relaxing.

Monday: work!

Tuesday: studied at the library with some friends

Wednesday: my French oral exam (it went well!), studying at the library

Thursday: a staff meeting, and then burgers and a movie with some friends

Friday: shopping on Chapel Street with Petra, then to see Sex On Toast again, as the opener for Vaudeville Smash (another local band)

Saturday: studying at Willim, out to some bars with Petra, Erika, and Thomas

Sunday: Work allll day, then made home made gnocci with Thomas and Duncan!

Jazz Night - June 7th

My friends Petra, Per and I wanted something a little more relaxed to do that Friday night, and thought some live music would be just the ticket. Online, we found this jazz venue at a nice place called The Regent Club. We weren’t quite sure just how nice it would be exactly, but entry was free as long as you spent $20 on drinks. 

We arrived at the building and took the elevator up to the proper floor, not knowing what to expect. When the doors opened our jaws dropped. Marble floors, crystal chandeliers, and two very prim looking Asian women standing behind the desk. “Spa or bar this evening?” “Uhm…bar.” “Right this way.” They then walked us the 10 meters over to the bar area, were we were handed off to our waiter. He led us to our booked seats, three comfortable leather chairs right in front of the instruments set up for the jazz quartet. 

The musicians came on and played some classic Sinatra-style jazz numbers. We sat there for a couple of hours, just enjoying the music and chit chatting about how fancy it was. Our bottle of wine sat in a cooler near us, and Petra accidentally made eye contact with out waiter for a fraction of a second, and he rushed over to top up our glasses. The music was lovely, and we even got a little magic show. 

Afterwards, we went to a Melbourne International Jazz Festival event nearby where Thomas was volunteering. The band performing was called Sex On Toast, and we LOVED them. They were so good! Really funky…sortof jazz/disco/80’s pop type of vibe. It was so so good. 

We came out of there and across the street was the James Squire Brewery. James Squire is one of the more famous beer companies in Melbourne, and we went in so we could each get one of our favorites on tap. Then we headed home!

Chapel Street Pub Crawl - June 8th

My friends and I are trying to go see as many places as possible, so Pub Crawls seem like the best way to go! Me, Petra, Linn, Per, Erika, Ted, Steph, and Anneik went on one on Chapel Street, a really popular area in the suburbs of Melbourne. Here’s where we went:

Nice and cozy - perfect place to start the evening :)

Pawn & Co
Everything here is for sale, including the furniture. You enter the bar through a book case that doubles as a bar. The drinks were ridiculously expensive, but it was a really cool atmosphere. Still, won’t go back because of how overpriced it was. The DJ booth was  set up sortof inside of a white grand piano, which was definitely really cool!

Breakfast restaurant by day, cool indie bar by night. More relaxed, plenty of room to sit and chat, and really cool decor!

Lucky Coq
Our plans to go to Borsch Vodka and Tears fell through (they were full) so we went to this old Chapel Street stand by. But I had never been on a Saturday night, and it was so much busier! Some dancing as well! Usually it’s just people relaxing and having a drink. 

Lord of the Fries
Not a bar, but a completely vegetarian burger place that we stopped at for fries before heading home :)